1. To book your desired slots or sessions, do make sure you book 1-2 days in advance.
  2. Weekend are usually in high demand and we advise that you book 3-4 days in advance.
  3. We cannot ensure that you always have the slots you desire during last minute booking, but we will try to arrange for the next available time for your massage session.
  4. For fast booking, it is advisable to book using our online booking form.
  5. Should you find it difficult to book using our online booking form due to technicality issue, you may book straight with our receptionist at 012-798 0508 through Whatsapp.
  6. We only provide 1 therapist per customer per house. If there are more than 1 of you requesting for our service in the same location, unfortunately the next person would have to wait for you to finish your session first.
  1. If you have paid upfront and needed to cancel your appointment last minute, we will not offer any refund.
  2. If you decided to postpone your appointment in the last minute, which is within less than 2 hours prior to your session, we will charge additional rm20 for your upcoming session. So for whatever reason that may arise, please inform us early on.
  3. So please plan ahead and make sure to clear any activity which might affect or disturb your session.
  4. In case of unforeseen emergency that arises during your session, it is okay to attend to the matter immediately. Our therapist will help whenever possible, but unfortunately we will not be able to offer a refund for your session once started.
  5. Customer who are unable to have their rescheduled session due to various reasons, we will not be postponing your sessions and no refund will be made.
  6. To ensure that you enjoy a total holistic spa massage at your home, we advised that you put away all electronic temporarily and immerse yourself during the entire session.
  1. We operate from Sri Petaling now and use it as a midpoint to calculate distance to your home.
  2. Our cost is measured by the distance it takes from our office to your house by using waze, using the fastest route configuration.
  3. This is how the calculation are done:
    • If your house is within 20-30km from our office, the transport cost will be rm20.
    • If your house is within 31-35km from our office, the transport cost will be rm25.
    • If your house is within 41-50km from our office, the transport cost will be rm40.
    • If your house is within 51-60km from our office, the transport cost will be rm50
  4. Should your house is more than 61km away from our office, we will kindly decline our spa services as it is not convenient for our therapist to travel back and forth and to their next appointment.
  5. Due to the variation of traffic conditions on any given day and time, the distance to your house might varies. However we do have a fixed price for a given set of area and is displayed below:
    • Putrajaya – RM 40
    • Semenyih – RM 40
    • Cyberjaya – RM 35
    • Batu Caves – RM 20
    • Cheras – RM 35
    • Puchong – RM25
    • Klang – RM 30
    • Seri Kembangan – RM 35
    • Sungai Buloh – RM 30
    • Bangi – RM 50
    • Sepang – RM 50
    • Rawang – RM 50
  6. Areas that are free from transport charges:
    • Seputeh
    • Mont Kiara
    • Damansara
    • Subang
    • KL Centre
    • Petaling Jaya
Safety Precautions:
  1. You must inform our therapist or receptionist regarding any medical condition which you think might affect your massage session.
  2. We are not responsible for any losses incurred during your massage session, and we will take very strict action against any misconduct from our therapist.
  3. Still, we ask that you to keep your valuable belonging in a safe an secure place to ensure that you have a safe of mind throughout your entire session.
  4. We also have the right to decline any request that are inappropriate request and such customer will be blacklisted.
  5. We only serve female customer now, sorry for the inconvenient.
  1. We do not disclose any of you personal information to any third party, except only under emergency situation where your heath is concerned- but only after seeking your consent.
  1. Payment is preferred and paid before your massage.
  2. No deposit are needed to secure your massage session.
  3. Should you choose to pay in full, you may do so by either online bank transfer or pay by credit card.
  4. As for credit card, we accept payment thru Paypal and this transaction will incur additional 10% surcharge on your final amount.